United Nations Security Council

The United Nations Security council is the centre of harmonising the actions of nations and is responsible for the international peace and security.With 15 members,UNSC is one of the six principle bodies of the UN that  elects judges for the ICJ and advices general Assembly for the appointment of Secretary General. The Five permanent members in council enjoy the power of Veto, making it the most powerful body in the UN.


"Territorial conflicts in the middle east with special emphasis on establishment of a Kurdish state"

Executive Board


A student at Government Law College, Mumbai, Apurva can debate with you endlessly about economics, politics and Law. Having attended over 50 conferences as a delegate, Executive Board Member and a member of the Secretariat, Apurva has been participating in MUN conferences since 6 years now. A hardcore foodie, his love for food is only surpassed (barely) by his passion for international politics, economics and psychology. In addition to being an avid reader, he is a huge movie buff and sci-fi enthusiast.


Akanksha Panicker is a law student in her second year at Kirit P. Mehta School of Law. 

She's an avid reader, Akanksha can be found curled up with a couple of books everyday. She will always have book suggestions for you and wouldn’t even mind lending you a few from her own collection.

An incredible researcher and a polished writer, her skills with words are well renowned among her peers. With a flair for expression and a touch of the dramatic, we're proud to invite her on board.

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