United Nations Human Rights Council

THE United Nations Human Right Council (UNHRC) is responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights a round the globe.Founded in 2006, The UNHRC was created as a subsidiary of the General Assembly as an intergovernmental body with forty seven members that investigates  and address important human right issues,replacing the UN commission for Human Rights.


1."The Civil War in Yemen"

2."Impact of arms transfer on human rights"

Executive Board


Saral Uttamani, is an Engineering student from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology .  He is probably one of the most ecstatic person you will ever come across. He has been MUNing since the past 3 years and is extremely passionate about fruitful debating. An excellent teacher , a physics enthusiast and a world class nap taker, when not meeting new people he can be found at home binging on Netflix. He's still appropriately funny and we are glad to have him.

Vice Chairperson

Adithya Arya is a Third year Engineering student at VJTI College, Mumbai. An avid reader, prolific writer and Game of Thrones fan, Adithya will take you by surprise with his knowledge over a wide spectrum of subjects. He has the highest regards for Diplomacy and decorum and ensures a fruitful yet fun debate.