Under Secretary Generals

USG Design

Manas Prabhutendolkar is student studying in grade 12th. Amongst his many interests, art and design hold prominence. He dreams of becoming a designer who initiates change. He hopes that his designs have the power to express and have an identity of their own!

USG Delegate Affairs

Rachiet Shah, besides grinding for compulsory attendance at Mithibai ,likes politics and the only affair he indulges in are international.Not only does he enjoy heated arguments but also appreciates those who can fearlessly pitch their views on crucial matters and take their stand on it till the very end.

USG Hospitality

Priyansh Acharya, an engineering student from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology despite being a fresh face in the MUN circle, he does have some organizational experience for the same. He's a writer whose material revolves around dark stuff or satire, he deals with dank memes for a living and can tell the difference between Spaghetti and noodles.

Co-USG Hospitality

Mihika Sant is currently studying in Mithibai College of Arts, where she is currently pursuing Psychology, and hopes to pursue criminology. Her passions include reading, painting and learning new languages.

USG Admin

Nishant Dongre is a 17 year old who has been professionally levied with the term thespian. He keeps an interest in Dance and Mimicry and Cooking different foods. His Charismatic and hardworking personality will help GiMUN to function seamlessly.

USG Registrations

Aman Rawat believes that his experience and education have shaped the kind of person he is. Always having a yen and an aptitude to be a leader, he will give the conference a boost with his skillset.

Co-USG Registrations

Rishi Modi, a student of B.K Gadia A Levels Junior College is an avid reader and a diligent worker. He tries fulfilling responsibilities to the best of his abilities leaving a mark wherever he goes.

Chargé D'Affaires

Rohnn Juriyasinghani

Rohnn is a dynamic 16 year old, full of enthusiasm and energy who believes in giving his best to everything he takes up. An ex member of the national U-17 football team, Rohnn’s developed physique has also landed him several modelling contracts. In his spare time, Rohnn loves to cook and dance. He looks forward to serving everyone at the conference and hopes it will be a memorable event for everyone in attendance.